E-commerce Solutions


The Internet offers a platform for 24hr trading around the world.  At Netfocus we have the skills, experience and products to make that automated sales process a reality.


Your Internet sales platform can attract a new customer base and provide better service for existing customers.


With scalability, security and reliability built in from the ground up, Netfocus solutions are designed to enable you to conduct business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions conveniently and safely.


All our e-commerce solutions are designed and developed to meet the exact needs of our clients business.  We build the product catalogue, develop the customer registration and shopping cart process, integrate the required online payment gateway, develop rules to manage product discounts, tax, delivery costs and develop processes to facilitate delivery tracking.


Whilst all our solutions are developed using proven industry standard software development tools, every e-commerce solution is different, reflecting the unique needs of each client.

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e-commerce solutions

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